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- 15% on all car rentals
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- 15% on all car rentals

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About company   


Renault-rent works at the market of transport services for 25 years (since 1993). 

Our clients: Kimberly Clark, Boehringer Ingelheim, "Reckitt Benckiser", "San-San at sun Microsystems", "Gazprom", water, Cosalt Garant and others.

       We offer car rental on the most favorable terms, both for private and corporate clients. This car will help in any situation and not to get out of the rhythm of life of the big city. And we, in turn, guarantee a professional and high-quality service, which is possible thanks to the qualified staff, a Park of a variety of foreign cars and an individual approach to each client.

       Car rental today is one of the most popular services. 

We offer rental cars with a presentable appearance, in perfect technical condition.

At the moment our company is ready to offer you the following services: 

Car rental for private and corporate clients

Long-term car rental 

Sale of used cars 


Low prices (discounts for regular customers )

For corporate clients - rent without collateral

Cash and cashless payments

More information about all services can be found on the phone:




Недорогой прокат автомобилей в Москве. Прокат легковых автомобилей Рено